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Vista Battery Saver paperclips

Today, looking in Tafiti, I found additional sources noticed Vista Battery Saver. Actually, small sources such as Wired,, Tucows and Chip (German). If you’re noticed about other big sources wrote about the utility, leave a comment here to update this post

Vista Battery Saver beta 2 r1 – refresh

New minor release of VBS. In this release – fixes of grammar in English strings (tnx to John Guin), German and French localization +bug with German version fixed (tnx to Muty and Vista french community), changes in default power plans and installer.

Thank you, contributors, keep doing great job – we’re very close to RC1 – Features will be included – idle awareness, LCD dimming support (for some models), possibly services disablement.

Download Vista Battery Saver Beta 2 r1 >>

The most popular newspaper in Israel wrote about Vista Battery Saver

Yesturday, the biggest newspaper in Israel, Yedioth Achronot wrote about Vista Battery Saver. Here the scan of the post.

Dear visitors, if you see such publications in significant magazines or newspapers in your area, please send me a scan of it. We’ll put them all together. Kindof trackbacks :)

This way you love it

Today morning, I noticed about the popularity of Vista Battery Saver. It’s in 2nd place by popularity in CodePlex. Thank you all for your support and contributions for this project. Maybe, some day, this program will appears in Windows Vista Extra downloads, or, even in Windows Update. Who knows…


Vista Battery Saver – French version

Now you can get latest beta 2 of Vista Battery Saver in French. Great thanks to Vista french community (VistaRC) for this contribution.

If you want to use Vista Battery Saver in french, just download VistaBatterySaverSetup-MUI.msi from current release location and if your locale is FR, you’ll get french UI for this application


Vista Battery Saver Beta 2 is available for download

New version of Vista Battery Saver (beta 2) is available for download from CodePlex. Except bug fixes, there is a new feature – automatic power plan change, depends on power source you are working with. I’m really wondering,  why this feature is not available in Windows Vista out-of-the-box? For example, if you are working on battery, you’d want to use Power Saver plan, however, if you are working on AC, you’d rather use Balanced or High Performance. So, Vista Battery Saver does it for you now. All you have to do is to run it and configure plan you want to use on battery and on AC.


In this version, I completely rewrite power aware routines, and now it’s using only direct system API call, this way, I get rid over expensive timers. So, download it, use it and notice report all bugs discovered on CodePlex issues tracker and in comments.

Thank you. Remember, It still do not run itself after the installation. You should look into Start->Accessories menu to find and run it.

Download Vista Battery Saver Public Beta 2

Vista Battery Saver goes Open Source

Due to chronic lack of time, I decided to publish full source code of Vista Battery Saver on CodePlex. I believe, that only this way, I can assure this really useful and important software to live. All developers, what to take care together with me on this soft development are welcome to join this project.

Good luck and thank you. Vista Battery Saver @ CodePlex

Vista drain a battery! and Vista Battery Saver is very useful

Yesterday, I posted a beta version of Vista Battery Saver. It made a lot of wind over the statement, that Vista Aero Interface together with Windows Sidebar drain your laptop battery.

The same day at night, Nick White from development team wrote, that he has a hesitation about this statement in Windows Vista Blog. Even Jeff Atwood called me to stop voodooing… But now I have evidence, that approve my doubts. Here is comes.

Dell Latitude D820 with Windows Vista Ultimate on it works one hour more on battery without Aero and Sidebar running

If you do not believe me, here my proves.


Here the comparison of 20 minutes of working (regular everyday working) in my computer with and without Vista Battery Saver. It 5% difference of final charge rate. We can solve simple equation to understand, that if my battery loss 16% with Aero and 11% without in 20 minutes, it’ll be completely empty within about 2 hours with and within about 3 hours without those fun features. So I was completely right, writing this simple yet useful program.

I realize, that it’s possible that the part of sidebar is much more, then the part of aero, but it still makes a lot of sense to use such savers.

For those, who really interested with calculations, raw excel file is attached.

UPD 18-May-07: Following James comment, I’ve check the influence of hardware disabling on battery power. Results speaks for itself. Take a look.

I disabled everything I can – WiFi, DVD, wire and wireless modem, soundcard, BlueTooth, SmartCard reader and Audiocard and run the same test


Here comes the king results


For those, who need explanations – that exactly the same results as it was with Aero On. So, what’s the conclusion? You tell me :)

Attachment updated as well with new results

Vista Battery Saver

It’s not a secret, that cool WDM (Aero user interface), announced in Windows Vista eat laptops’ battery as hungry animal eats it’s victim. But what, actually, “eat” your battery – mostly three things: Aero, Sidebar and your wide laptop screen. We have nothing to do with screen, but we can disable either Aero UI and Sidebar, while working on battery. Let me introduce Vista Battery Saver


This tinny program will save up to 70% of your battery by disabling those nice, but greedy Vista features. Running in task bar with private workset of 5.5M and 0% CPU it will do all work for you, by enabling and disabling customizable features when power source changed or battery power fall under certain percent.

Actually, I was inspired by similar program of Clint Rutkas and Code4Fun post (as usual, I love those guys) :). But Clint’s soft was rather buggy and completely incompatible with Windows Vista Guidelines. This one is completely “Developed for Vista” – ACT 5.0 passed stuff (at least, I think so).

This is not final version, so use it for your own risk and, please, make me know about bugs or “behaviors”, that make you sad :)

UPD 17-May: Home Premium installation support has been solved. All those, who had troubles to get in work in Microsoft Vista Home Premium edition, please download the new version. No other fixes in this beta release. Please make me know about other bugs

Download (beta 1) for free (MSI 901KB). You need Windows Vista Home Premium and notebook to run this program.

UPD 22-Jul: Vista Battery Saver is Open Source now.

UPD 24-Jul: New Vista Battery Saver (beta 2) has been released. More information>>

UPD 27-Jul: Vista Battery Saver (beta 2) MUI version with French user interface. More information>>

UPD 20-Aug: Vista Battery Saver (beta 2 r1)  English, German, Italian and French UI + minor fixes. More information>>





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