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My TechEd ‘08 presentation slides download

I do not know why, but for some reason in development section of TechEd website there are only two recording and no presentations. I do not want to wait for them to upload (we sent all presentations a while ago), so here it comes. My TechEd presentation DEV335 – Game Development Using Microsoft’s Latest Technologies. I have no recordings by now (so pity), so you’ll have to wait for Microsoft to encode and upload it. Upon it will be done, I’ll publish it here.
There is no real reason to upload samples – they will not work without all environment we had there.

Download full slides from my TechEd presentation (PPT 7,165 KB) >>

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by using contact form or LinkedIn profile. You also can send me a message by twitter


TechEd behind the scene – System setup

Alex posted his video about how we setup the most complicated demonstration in this TechEd. Now it’s time (I promised) to post my video about how it was at 6 AM after night party in TechEd.

TechEd is over – last TechEd related post

I know, that I made you tired of all those TechEd related posts. So this is the last one (I’ll post full presentation and demo sources later), I promise. Unfortunately, I’ll be unable to attend bloggers’ lunch (my flight is at 8:20 pm), so I want to tell thank to all bloggers, that rapidly posted TechEd related stuff, to all those who worked hard to prepare such event, to all presenters and visitors (do not forget to fill the survey). The event was good. I’d give it 9 of 10. The point missing point for some, who worked not hard enough to prepare and lectures’ start and end punctuality of some presenters. Overall experience was great. You did it! Thank you and see you on next event.

My session is over – great thanks to all, who was there

I want to tell big thanks to all, who come to see us this morning after the party yesterday. I hope, you was satisfied within the session. Thank you very much! If you have questions – feel free to ask (you can leave comments too).


Great thanks to Alex too. Wait for us to upload two videos of how we prepared this session – stay tuned :)

After party getting ready for the presentation

Currently it’s 7:40 and we’re getting ready for presentation from 6:30. It’s four laptops, one mobile phone and XBOX. All this stuff should work. Be sure to attend today @10:45, Hilton, Knaan – Game development

TechEd Eilat 08 – It’s turns better

Referring my last post. TechEd turns to be better for me. It seemed, like I simple choose wrong sessions. Last one I attended was really great 9-9. It returns me to the original idea, that I have really serious competitors for my session :) See you there tomorrow 10:45@Hilton.

Maxim Alexandrovich – I’m waiting for you

I’m currently in meeting area of conference center waiting for Maxim Alexandrovich. We set an appointment to 10:00 today. There are technical problems with meeting systems, so I cannot get your phone number. So, I you’re here, please come. I’m waiting for you.

TechEd Eilat – Day two – I DISAPPOINTED!

TechEd, Eilat, Day two and I’m very disappointed of what’s going on here. I cannot give more, then five of ten to any session I attended. I DISAPPOINTED! I do not want to tell the names of those sessions, however it looks like nether of presenters worked too hard to prepare it. I DISAPPOINTED. I worked more then two weeks to prepare my presentation (incl. repetitions, rewriting, fixing and touching), I have to work two hours more to prepare it finally and I do not know today why I did and will do it. I DISAPPOINTED.

The other huge problem, that neither of sessions stared and finished in time and there are voices in coridors about leaving TechEd today… I DISAPPOINTED DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED.


TechEd day 1 – keynotes – nice presentation, in spite of some bugs

I’m in Eilat, in TechEd event. First impression – very good arrangements. Upon by arrival, the room was ready and it was big and clean. First I couch by some of partners and friends. Then, I was in bloggers meeting, where received some  nice toys to play with. Now, let’s speak about first significant event – the keynotes. Yochai was good, in spite of some technical problem. However, the most problematic one was the fact, that he completely forgot about our promo. Actually, I understand him – 3.5 hours. Second thing in his presentation was IIS7. I have some problem with this stuff. One of them is how it works on Windows Vista (see the live image about how real TechEd Vista looks like)

Real vista from TechEd

Now to our presentation. Actually, after more then 3 days of working to make IIS on Vista work fluently, I was very disappointed and thus, just recompile IIS asapi filter for Apache on Linux. Do not believe me? Come to see it live.

So by now, I’m going to business center to sit with some partners. If you want to, you’re welcome to catch me there for next hour. See ya and wait for upcoming updates.

TechEd is over the corner and we are ready! What about you?

After a lot of work I’m ready for TechEd. It worth me a lot of blood, sweat and tears until it started to work as I expected. What our session about? In one sentence – Game Development. In number of sentences – we’ll build online car racing multiplayer game, that will run on XBOX, Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile phone. All this will be tied up with Windows Live services. During the session, XBOX will play with WPF and Novel Suse Linux will run ASP.NET and play with IIS7. Don’t believe me? Come and see. Here small video, that demonstrates some of this session results. There are much more to see…

See you there 8th of april, 10:45 in Knaan hall of Hilton hotel in Eilat.





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