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Slides and desks from Smart Client Development session

Great thank to everybody attended yesterday at “Smart Client development” session. As promises, please see slides and desks from this session

Action required: Smart Client development present and future

Are you in Israel 11-February evening? Are you smart client developer and think, like me, that “cloud thingy” is just like Playboy girl, whom you never know what surprises might be waiting for you underneath? If so, you are invited to attend “Smart Client development present and future” session,  will take part in Yad leBanim house in Ness Ziona (9, Habanim str., Ness Ziona).

© Apple store at iMall in Tampa Bay, FL (by Nick Starr)

What we’ll speak about? Net 3 hours of smart client development, which includes WPF for infotainment, WPF for Line-Of-Business, WPF for weak netbooks, running Windows 7 Ultimate. DirectX bridge to enhance user experience. Future of .NET framework, including aspects oriented and modular, yet strong type programming, that you can already use today with some tricks, will be explained. We’ll speak with odd devices, by using some build-in core interfaces from next generation device framework. And much-much more.

Everything is possible 11th February evening, even tits, which will be shown during this session. So it worth to attend. Number of places is limited, so first registered – first served.

See you there

Register to attend “Smart client development present and future” >> (RSVP at Facebook)

Did you know, that 11th February is traditional founding date of Japan at 660BC. Also first session of US senate was opened to the public at 1794. While in 1916, Emma Goldman was arrested for lecturing on birth control and at 1953 Soviet Union broke off diplomatic relations with Israel (1964 the same thing was done by the Republic of China with France). It going to be interesting evening :)

Developers academy 3 – vote your choice

If you’re “in” WPF and/or Silverlight development and want to learn more about high performance programming in WPF or your ability to develop once for WPF and Silverlight, you’re invited to vote for my session in Dev Academy 3 and attend it:

  • High performance programming with WPF in .NET framework 3.5 SP1
    .NET 3.5 SP1 (Arrowhead) brings you full power of WPF by taking into account huge performance enhancements for Line-Of-Business by using data virtualization and high graphical applications by access to DirectX surfaces. This session will round up all new features to Arrowhead
  • Unified development experience with Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight 2.0
    Two years ago, Microsoft introduced Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) to provide a unified platform for Rich Windows Client Applications development. A year later Silverlight was introduced as similar platform for Rich Internet Applications. Is it possible to use XAML based approach to share and reuse code for both frameworks? In this session we will learn how to develop reusable code base for productive, usable and well branded Client and Internet applications to wider distribution, demanded today.

Also, you can advice another session, you might be interested in via comments in this post

Thank you and see you there…

Slides and desks from my Expert Days’ sessions

Because of the new job, I’m bit tight in time, however, I  found a time to post slides from my sessions in Expert Days. Also, hand-on labs used for WPF beginners’  released as open source to CodePlex for your convenience.

Windows Presentation Foundation for Fellow Developers [4 MB]

Mastering Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 [11 MB]

Have a nice day and be good people.

Expert days – last minute changes

Next week we’ll starting Expert Days, so you have a last chance to register for Windows Presentation Foundation for fellow developers (12-Aug) and Mastering Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 (13-Aug). Those sessions will take place in Bein-Thumi Herzeliya and start in 8:30.

We have not enough participants to open Advanced .NET 3.5 SP1 (14-Aug) [not enough people know WPF so far in Israel?], thus I would like to propose another kind of session – something like we used to do in Dev Days. You’ll come with your WPF applications, prepare to ask questions about problems with those apps and we’ll solve it together during the day. I will not have slides for this session – it will be live QnA+Discussions meeting. This specific session will take place in Megamot college in Petah-Tikva (not in Bein-Thumi, like all others). What do you think?

Last notice, if we will not have at least 26 attendees (currently for this session we have only 10), neither Advanced .NET 3.5 nor WPF QnA will be opened. Also, all people registered for those sessions will be refunded. So, now you will choose whether and which session about WPF we will open Thursday next week.

Tech*Ed SA is over – thank you

So, Tech*Ed South Africa is over, and I want to tell thanks to all attendees – presenters and visitors. The event was great as well as the organization.  As usual, my Visual Studio just stopped working between sessions yesterday, so I had to reinstall it during one of sessions to be ready for next one. Also in XNA session XBOX deployment did not worked for some reason and bandwidth was awful, so this fun session was not very effective. However, how it can be interesting without those technical problems?

Visitors, it was very fun to read feedbacks. Here just snack preview of it (not including comments like “Enjoyed”, “Brilliant”, “Nice!”, “Exceptionally good”, etc…:

“Level 300? Should have been marked as a 200?”
”Now this was 300 Advanced level”
”The description said Advanced but if was very very VERY advanced”
”I was definately in the wrong session coz I am only a begginner in Reflection and this was a 300 Advanced session… my bad :-)”
”The speaker was very well prepered, thus did not strukkel to speak. i understand the topic very well, but still enjoyed the talk.”
”sometimes he sounds more like Borat than a knowledgeable speaker. There were a number of sniggers in the audience at his comments, which distracts from the content.“
”Brilliant presenter, speaks fluently and clear, not like all others. Are you from Canada?”
”Excellent, not applicable for business, but bring more of these. MORE.”
”Probly the wrong sesion for me but was interesting”
”Host’s setup of machines was troublesome.”
”SA Bandwidth issues reduced the effectiveness of the demo side of things.”

Guys, please let’s set it clear (at least for me):

  • 100 – Go to sales department
  • 200 – Slides with nice pictures – no code
  • 300 – Visual Studio, Code, some slides
  • 400 – All code – almost no theory and slides
  • 500 – Machine code
  • 600 – Come offline it will take time

And now, my favorite one: “Guys,    I would like the trial versions of the following softwares:    1. Visual Studio 2008  2. SQL Server 2008  3. Expression Studio v2.0  4. SharePoint Server 2007    I would appreciate if i can get it before tech-ed closes.  Thanks and please contact me if you could assist.”. I sent you an email with links to all requested trials. Keep doing! :)

I saw about 100 visitors of my blog. They recognized me. Also when I gave my business card (with blog address), almost everyone told: “Oh, I know this blog – very good one”. Charming, that in spite of bandwidth issues, there are my blog readers in SA. If you were in my session and want to tell anything publicly, just leave a comment here.

Tomorrow noon, I’ll leave SA back home and ‘ll start to prepare to Expert Days (do you remember? It’s next week). Unfortunately, I almost had no time to see Africa, but, maybe, next time. Thank you, all again.

Hello, goodbye!

TechEd South Africa – getting started

 So, Tech*Ed SA is over the corner and I’m already there. Finally I got normal internet access (which is problematic in South Africa) in speaker’s room and I can update you with what’s going on here. This year, as well as all previous years, TechEd SA takes place in ICC (International Conference Center) in Durban, which is absolutely incredible.  Also, Durban is very criminal, yet nice place. Beaches, sun (it’s winter here), hooligans and a lot of geeks. Hooligans? Yes, my mobile phone was stolen by kids and catch twice (thanks to Israel Defense Forces, teach me to stop thief and other criminal elements).

Also, there is a huge number of homeless kids in Durban streets. Government provides them with shelters, however their parents take them from shelters and make them to be beggars, which makes me very sad.



As in any TechEd, the agenda is very tight. Today evening, there will be the Key notes (IT Pro only) and tomorrow sessions will start.

This year, I’ll going to have four session. Following the time table for it. Be sure to attend.

DEV319 – Creating Rich Content with Windows Presentation Foundation Mon, 4th. Session room 15 9:15-10:30
Dev320 – Game Development using Microsoft’s Latest Technologies Tues, 5th. Session room 15 9:15-10:30
CNT208 – Choosing the Right Microsoft User Experience Technology Tues, 5th.   Chalk and Talk 4 11:15-12:15
DVP307 – Understanding Reflection Tues, 5th. Session room 12 13:30-14:30
DEV318 – Optimization your WPF Application Tues, 5th. Session room 9 16:45-17:45

If you want to catch me between session or in evening, please write down my local mobile number: +27 (73) 5996334

See you…

Action required: Sessions reminder

I want to remind, that there are about 20 places (out of 180) remains in my Silverlight 2.0 half day session 23-Jul. So, if you want to attend, make sure, that you registered and got confirmation from MS team.

Also, if you are planning to attend TechEd preparation session next Sunday, please send me an email to with your name, car licence plate number (if you’re coming by car and want parking), contact phone number and sessions, you want to attend. We should arrange auditorium for it.

Thank you and see you.

© RF Image by Dave & Les Jacobs

TechEd preparation session + other announcements

If you want to attend my preparations before TechEd, you’re invited to attend 27-Jul in Microsoft Ra’anana.

What is preparation session? This is the training for myself. I’ll present all four session (each one is an hour + one hour rep.) This is your chance to hear live my TechEd South Africa sessions, without paying the fee (ZAR 4,500 which is about $600)

Please note, that all lectures are in English (not in Hebrew)

Here the agenda for 27-Jul (Sunday). It will take place in Microsoft Israel building in 2, Ha’Pnina st. Ranana, Israel


Time Session title Conference room
8:30-10:30 Creating Rich Applications with Windows Presentation Foundation (300) Media Center
11:00-13:00 WPF Performance (400) Visual Studio
14:30-16:30 Game Development Using Microsoft’s Latest Technologies (300) Vista
17:00-19:00 Understanding Reflection (400) Vista



Also, be sure, you’re attending my session in Expert Days 11-14 August

And/or if you were not able to attend Silverlight 2.0 for building Rich Internet Applications event, you are welcome to book the next session at 23-Jul

That’s all for now, see ya…

Printouts of the slides, presented on Silverlight 2.0 open house today

Thank you all, who participated today in Silverlight 2.0 for building Rich Internet Applications event. I uploaded printouts of the slides, presented during the session here. So, you can download it for reference.

I’m really interesting within your feedback (leave comments) in order for me to be able to enhance it for future events.

Also, I want to remind you, that due to lack of space we were unable to handle all those who want to attend, thus we decided to make another session within two weeks, so can register here. Remember, only registered attendees, who with confirmation received will allow to enter. So, hurry up.

If you want to learn more about Silverlight, you can register to attend Expert Days “Mastering Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 – 020 full day course, 13-August, were we’ll have Silverlight 2.0 deep dive training day. You can also review another two courses, I’ll have there:

Download slides from today session >>

Register to attend next event at 23 July >>


Thank you and leave a comment…





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