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Some Gold Partners ARE respecting copyrighted materials

6 hours after my last post about the imaginary used by Microsoft Gold Partner, I got a phone call from one of it’s representatives, who proves me, that the image, used in the promo is bought from Image Bank. They did a couple of changes, however, that is not me! I was wrong!  Following the original image, purchased by the partner (low resolution – this is copyrighted imaginary)


I want to apologize for my doubts in honesty of Hi-Tech college and invite all of you to attend their eight hour session of Silverlight introduction. They promised warm soup, chocolate, cider, sachlav (salep/orchid drink) and crembo (not hot) for all attendees. 


I’m really happy, that I was wrong about Hi Tech college. I’m much happier, that they are counting our opinion and it’s really important for them to be right!

Following my image, which I thought was used – side view (low resolution – photo by Yossi)


Thank you, Michal, Sharon and Shimrit for your work! Keep doing!

Why some of Gold Partners do not respect copyrighted materials?

Two days ago, the friend of mine, sent me the invitation he got from one of Microsoft Gold Partners in learning field here in Israel. This invitation was to attend Silverlight course of one day. Pretty good, however I was shocked by the graphic material, they used to promote it. It seemed to be my picture from DevAcademy II. I do not teach this course and I even did not know, that it exists, however they, probably, used the copyrighted imaginary without any permission neither from my, nor from Microsoft side. What’s the insolence!

I want to believe, that I’m wrong, that it is not my picture or, if it is, they got appropriate permissions, however I sent a request to legal department to shed light on this bad issue…


WPF for developers from Dev. Academy 2 – recordings

If you was unable to attend Developers Academy 2 and still want to see sessions there, you are more, then welcome to do it. Here link to the recording of my session. And here is the presentation. The quality of the recording is awful, as well as whole hosting site quality. It seemed like "Gisha Hadasha" has no QA and particle employed student to make sites. However, if you still want to see the screencasts of the sessions, go there.


See screencast "WPF for developers (or optimizing your WPF application)" >>

Thank you and Microsoft Expression Blend SP1

First of all, I want to say thanks for all those, who took part in DevAcademy2 event yesterday. I believe, that such events can bring a lot to developer’s community all over the world.

Next, I want to announce great work of Microsoft Expression team, that brings us SP1 for Microsoft Expression Blend product.

What fixed in SP1? Most of issues, you reported here.

Download Microsoft Expression Blend SP1 >>

Dev Academy II – updated matrix

Today, I got about 10 phone calls about what’s happen with time matrix for Dev Academy II time slots matrix. Please note, that the matrix you got is not updated. Please, download and print updated one from here (my slot is at 9:30 AM).

Download Dev Academy II Matrix >>

DEV411 – WPF for developers: optimizing your WPF application

Less, then 24 hours until Developer Academy 2 a lot of pressure and stress. Last fixes to my presentation – it’s too long now. A lot of stuff, I want to speak about, a lot of demos (mostly very bad performing applications, I’m dealing with), three computers (one is really cool with 8.9 Vista score) and, of cause, a lot of code to write. But I have only 75 minutes to do it all. So, I have to think a lot about how to do it all together with such tight timeframe (do you remember? – 9:30)

What I’ll speak about? I’ll speak about cool luxury cars, really.

  • First of all, the most common problem, WPF developers faced with – performance. No, WPF scales it, but you should know how to do it smart way.
  • Next, practices. Yes, there are practices and it’s worth to learn wisdom by the follies of others. So, I’ll speak about those follies.
  • Why sometimes, pixel is matter, and sometimes it is not?
  • What two threads, you are working with? Are there really two? Where the application problems are lying?
  • What is tier? How to measure it? How to know when I’m working with GPU and when with CPU? How to influence it?
  • How much memory (either computer and graphic card) I need?
  • What’s the greatest evil of your WPF application (that is not your customer)?
  • How to scale very large bitmaps or very large amount of controls?
  • How to easily make data virtualization by your own hands?
  • How to create your own UI threads? Yes – you can do it!
  • How to make your ListBox x70 times smaller and faster, your data x20 smaller and x700 faster
  • How manage layout and measurement engines
  • How to do things in background without paying application fees
  • How to manage dispatchers
  • How to use visual and data performance measurement tools and how to analyze and profile unmanaged resources
  • How to make your application starts x400 faster and load resources on demand
  • How to load XAML without loading System.Xml.dll and using DOM or SAX
  • How to run the same WPF application on P3 with 128MB RAM and internal graphic card and Core Duo 2 with 4GB RAM and GeForce 880 GTX and get the same behavior of fast running application
  • …and much much more…

Waiting for you tomorrow at 9:30 AM (this is almost night, kind of morning) at Arbel hall of Avenue at Airport City near Ben Gurion airport. Come an hour before.


Time slot of my session in Developer Academy 2 has been changed

Due to external factors, the time slot of my session in Developer Academy 2 has been changed and now it from 9:30 to 10:45 in Arbel hall in floor 0 (entrance at left). I’m really apologies for this inconvenience and waiting for all of you to come. We’re open at 8:30 and there is registration and might be sandwiches in the hall. Come first and park near entrance :)

Please notice: that there are morning traffic jams at the entrance to Airport City as well as registration hassle, thus all those, even come via road 6, take half an hour to 40 minutes spare to enter the parking lot and register.

I’m sorry, that you have to wake up so early, but remember: "Early to bad and early to rise makes a man healthy ,wealthy, wise and not late to DEV411 about WPF lessons learned from last year" :)

27-Nov @ 9:30 AM
set your clock to wake up at 6:30AM and I’ll bring you a coffee¹

¹ Limited to first 250 visitors only

⟨ ,  ⟩

Developer Academy II – registration is over

Today, I checked the registration status of Developer Academy II event and found, that the registration is over. After 5 days the event becomes overbooked. From one hand, it’s really cool, from the other, I believe, that there are more people, who were not able to register (due different reasons) and now they can not attend.

See you there at DEV411 "WPF For Developers -  Lessons learn from last year (Or Optimizing Your WPF Application)" 2:45 PM – 4:00 PM at Arbel hall.

Thank you for attending.


⟨ ,  ⟩

Call for action: Register Microsoft Developer Academy 2 – this is not about CRM

Shahar and Guy announced about open registration to 1032359731 (Microsoft Developer Academy 2). Please notice, it is not “תתחיל להכיר את הלקוחות שלך מקרוב – כנס CRM לארגונים תעשיה ביצוא”, it’s Developer Academy. So, sign up and attend at hall E at 2:45 PM – 4:00 PM for “WPF For Developers –  Lessons learn from last year (Or Optimizing Your WPF Application)” . Know, it’s only 2.5 weeks from now – prepare your questions and bring your problems with you.

Developer Academy

It will take place in Airport city (near Ben-Gurion airport) at Avenue convention center, northern Kfar Truman on road 453. Here the map. Be sure to be there.






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