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FeedBurner becomes free

FeedBurner is really great free service. It has a lot of cool features and some of them, for example advanced statistics is not free. Google acquired FeedBurner about three months ago and today they make FeedBurner completely free. Now you can use advanced item view, link click-through, enclosure downloads statistics without paying a penny. Just login into your FrreBurner account and check all boxes, marked as “pro”. The other new feature provided is FeedBurner MyBrand. This means, that you can control the URL of feeds and point it to your own domain. This is one of those features, that force a lot of bloggers not to use FeedBurner. Now it’s absolutely free. Use it. Thank’s Google.

BTW, don’t you already subscribed to my RSS feed via FeedBurner?

via TechCrunch

Blogging rule #1

About seven years ago, I began to recognize what does is mean “blogging”. Then I applied some of rules acquired from my favorite Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” to digital life, especially to blogging and today, I want to begin sharing those rules with you. The trigger for this becomes my thoughts about Blogference… So, let’s begin:

Real life: Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain – and most fools do
Blog life: Replying comments, just keep the dialog running, even if you completely can not agree with the commentator. It’s better you to try make the replier to accept your position.

What do you think about it?

Snipping tool integration plugin for WLW

 Playing a lot with Live Writer API, I found a lot of nice features and possibilities, as well as not-so-nice problems, but one thing is really clear – writing plugins for Windows Live Writer is fun and quick work. Let’s take an example of Yossi’s request. It took me about a half an hour to write it, or today’s plugin for snipping tool integration – 25 minutes, including installer. Don’t is really nice?

OK, so, you can download it – this plugin integrates Windows Snipping Tool (Windows Vista and Windows XP tablet edition) into Live writer. All you have to do is click “Insert snip capture” from right or upper menu and the application invokes Snipping Tool. After the screenshot will be taken, the image will be inserted automatically into your current post. Then, you can manage is as regular image inside the Writer (and that’s really great feature). So easy, so fast, so useful. Download and use it.


RTL and LTR in Windows Live Writer

Someone is crying for a couple of days about text direction support in WLW. I decided to help all those, who have to wait for MS to understand, that there are right-to-left languages in the market, that even with really good HTML/RichText control we should support it. So, I decided to write simple plugin for Live Writer and change the direction of input to RTL or LTR, send Change Input Language signal to the workspace and add two magic tags, Yossi is very worry about dir=”rtl” and align=”right”. So, start blogging easily, Hebrew men :)


P.S. Due to bug with v1.0.1(6) [the official release], after clicking “Insert RTL Block” or “Insert LTR block”, you should click the workspace to get back and write. In next build, this annoying bug will be fixed.

Download Text Direction Change Plugin for Windows Live Writer.

New source copy helper for Windows Live Writer

Are you already tiered of BlogMyCode or CopyAsHTML popup windows and non-standard right-mouse-click-do-something-then-maybe-I-help-you dialogs? Let me introduce my last plugin for Windows Live Writer blog client – Code Past Plugin. It’s really simple as it should be. This plugin uses standard copy functions from anywhere (no only from VS2005). Then it converts code into XHTML and put it into WLW window. Don’t this should work this way? Without right clicks and unnecessary windows? Download it now and use it. Here the sample format of code. You can optionally add header or line numbering. You can even break lines (if you wish). The other feature I added is new clipboard detection, so if you has something really wrong there and already opened code adding dialog, you don’t have to close it and copy something else, just switch to Studio, copy new code and the plugin will detect all your changes.

Code Snippet
        private void btOK_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

        string getOptionText()
            if (actCode != string.Empty)
                StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
                if (cbLinesNum.Checked)
                    string[] outp = actCode.Replace(@"\r\n", "\r").Split('\r');

                    int offset = 0;
                    for (int i = 0; i < outp.Length; i++)
                        if (outp[i].Trim() == string.Empty)


Here it’s configuration window with preview.


If you catch bugs or have feedbacks, please notice me via email or in comment to this post. I’ll appreciate you :)

Download Code Past Plugin (372 KB, MSI installer)

Test to blog with OneNote 2007

This is the test post to check OneNote 2007 capabilities to blog with. Sure, it use Word 2007 blogging capabilities, but it still really cool to blog directly from OneNote.


We’ll try to add image clipped by OneNote (just for test)



Just code – Tamir Khason

Screen clipping taken: 12/26/2006, 11:12 AM


For some reason http posting for images not working with MS installation of Community Server, but I have ftp for it, so there is no problem with it (for me)


We’ll try to add voice clip as well. I’m pretty sure, that this one will not work, but who knows…

Audio recording started: 11:47 AM Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Now we’ll go to File->Send to->Blog

This one open new Word document with my post in it


Screen clipping taken: 12/26/2006, 11:48 AM


We’ll click Manage account and set our blog



Screen clipping taken: 12/26/2006, 11:48 AM


For pictures (as I noticed earlier) I was unable to find right URL, so using ftp to post



Screen clipping taken: 12/26/2006, 11:49 AM


Now, the only thing we should do is to post it.

Hello, world from One Note 2007. LiveWriter may remain in the download folder.


⟨  ⟩





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