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Silverlight 2.0 for building Rich Internet Applications (local event)

If you are developing rich internet applications, web sites or just want to learn what’s new in Silverlight 2.0, you are invited to attend  local (Israel) Microsoft Event 30-June 8:30 AM- 12:30 PM in ILDC (new Microsoft R&D offices in Herzliya).


I’ll speak about what is Silverlight 2.0 and what are differences between SL 1.0 and SL 2.0. How to build RIA with Silverlight 2.0. What is DeepZoom and some cool parts of this new internet technology. How to use DataBinding, LINQ and Microsoft Media Encoder. As small bonus for this part of the event, we’ll compare different technologies with Silverlight such as Flex, Flash 10, Thermo and SVG to make you understand differences, “pros and cons” of using each one of those technologies for specific and identifiable needs.

Then we’ll deep dive into DataBinding and learn about DataTemplates, Styles, Accessibility, Authoring and Usability (including differences between Silverlight and WPF approaches). We’ll also take a look into LINQ-to-SQL and SEO of Silverlight applications.

Third part of this event will be dedicated to networking and interoperability. We’ll speak about internet protocols such as ATOM, RSS, REST, JSON, XMLWS, etc and usage of those protocols by Silverlight applications. We’ll understand how WCF can assist us to make our live easier. We’ll also touch security issues of Silverlight deployment and networking such as Cross Domain Policy, progressive download and deploy-on-demand.

I can make you sure, that if ”you are in” new web technologies and want to start using (or if you already using) Silverlight 2.0 for development of your applications – come and see me. Will be fun!

Note: Only a limited number of places available, so do not wait for MS newsletter (by the end of this month). Book now and come to attend this event – it’s free! (there is parking lot in floor -2)

I want to attend “Silverlight 2.0 introduction for building rich internet applications” event (30-June 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM, ILDC Herzelia, 5, Gav-Yam str, floor L2 13,Shenkar str)

See you there…

UPD 29-Jun: Next session will take place at 23 July, 8:30 AM-12:30 PM. Register by visiting Microsoft events web application at and sign up.

Some Gold Partners ARE respecting copyrighted materials

6 hours after my last post about the imaginary used by Microsoft Gold Partner, I got a phone call from one of it’s representatives, who proves me, that the image, used in the promo is bought from Image Bank. They did a couple of changes, however, that is not me! I was wrong!  Following the original image, purchased by the partner (low resolution – this is copyrighted imaginary)


I want to apologize for my doubts in honesty of Hi-Tech college and invite all of you to attend their eight hour session of Silverlight introduction. They promised warm soup, chocolate, cider, sachlav (salep/orchid drink) and crembo (not hot) for all attendees. 


I’m really happy, that I was wrong about Hi Tech college. I’m much happier, that they are counting our opinion and it’s really important for them to be right!

Following my image, which I thought was used – side view (low resolution – photo by Yossi)


Thank you, Michal, Sharon and Shimrit for your work! Keep doing!

Why some of Gold Partners do not respect copyrighted materials?

Two days ago, the friend of mine, sent me the invitation he got from one of Microsoft Gold Partners in learning field here in Israel. This invitation was to attend Silverlight course of one day. Pretty good, however I was shocked by the graphic material, they used to promote it. It seemed to be my picture from DevAcademy II. I do not teach this course and I even did not know, that it exists, however they, probably, used the copyrighted imaginary without any permission neither from my, nor from Microsoft side. What’s the insolence!

I want to believe, that I’m wrong, that it is not my picture or, if it is, they got appropriate permissions, however I sent a request to legal department to shed light on this bad issue…


Blogging rule #1

About seven years ago, I began to recognize what does is mean “blogging”. Then I applied some of rules acquired from my favorite Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” to digital life, especially to blogging and today, I want to begin sharing those rules with you. The trigger for this becomes my thoughts about Blogference… So, let’s begin:

Real life: Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain – and most fools do
Blog life: Replying comments, just keep the dialog running, even if you completely can not agree with the commentator. It’s better you to try make the replier to accept your position.

What do you think about it?





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