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Common phrases used by developers

One of my partners (who is PM in global company) sent me his list of common phrases used by his developers. I also added some of phrases, commonly used by my developers. Here the list:

  • It works on my machine
  • That’s weird!
  • But this was running before…
  • Some minor stuff has to be fixed
  • This must be a hardware problem
  • Someone tinkered with incoming data
  • But I didn’t touch that module
  • I’m almost finished
  • That’s will be done quickly
  • You can’t test everything.
  • It’s impossible that it will affect the other module
  • I remember that I fixed this bug already
  • Documentation is being written
  • This is not my program
  • I had lots of unexpected troubles
  • But the specification was always changing
  • I thought I found the bug
  • This change will be done in 5 minutes
  • I’m waiting for the others so I can test
  • Aside from the fact it is not working, what is your impression?
  • That’s not a bug – it’s a feature! (by dotmad)
  • It works as coded (by Joseph Cooney)
  • Sorry, my code is compiling. I will get back to you in a few hours (by David)

I’m inviting you to contribute your phrases in comments and if the phrase will be really interesting, I’ll update it in the post (with like to your blog/site)

So, let’s start creating ultimate developer’s phrases list.

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19 Responses to “Common phrases used by developers”

  1. rastro Says:

    “it must be gremlins” – when you can’t duplicate their bug.

  2. M. Orçun Topdağı Says:

    Most of them are about problems and people usually come up with the first excuse they think of. One that annoys me the most is something you can here even when there is no problem (refactoring, porting), even when it does not involve development (changing source control):
    – “It works, let’s not touch it!”

  3. David Says:

    Sorry, my code is compilling. I will get back to you in a few hours

  4. David Says:

    This upgrade will not affect any functionality or cause downtime (often said moments before the system goes down)

  5. Joseph Cooney Says:

    A personal favourite of mine: “it works as coded”

  6. dotmad Says:

    That’s not a bug – it’s a feature!

  7. Sai Says:

    somebody might have changed the code

  8. umaram Says:

    Requirement changed,initial concept changed
    , that is new requirement

  9. Ram Says:

    “My Developers”

    Lot of leads use it very casually. I don’t think it is a stupid sentence to use even though you know that they are not “your” developers.

  10. Tamir Says:

    Probably you’re right, but who’s developers are they?

  11. roboblob Says:

    No no no, you dont want to do that…

  12. V Says:

    Looks like a server issue.

  13. Max Schmeling Says:

    “I could’ve do that in one line with Linq.”

  14. Max Schmeling Says:

    “I could’ve done that in one line with Linq.”

  15. Kivanc Ozuolmez Says:

    That was not in specs.!


    Nobody told me so, how may I know it!

  16. Meridian Says:

    “Must be user error.”

    “That’s outside of the quoted specifications”

    “It’s an IE6 issue, tell them to upgrade.”

  17. How to Get Six Pack Fast Says:

    Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is more than I expected when I found a link on Furl telling that the info here is quite decent. Thanks.

  18. Aaron Says:

    “I thought it may/might work” (it is very typical when a dev is asked why she/he did it that way/approach)

    “Why my bug is P0?” (Priority Zero, has to be fixed in 24h)
    (because they don’t know what they had done block the whole system)

  19. wholesale polo shirts Says:

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