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Windows 7 – dry run or how things should be done to correct old mistakes

I have not write for a while (if you’re following me on Twitter, you know why). Even so, today it will not be very informative post. This all about my expression about latest builds of Windows 7 and one job proposal. Have a fun.

January 13rd, I expressed rather bad opinion about Windows 7 (beta those days). Today, after most of post-RC builds (currently with 7260) on work machine I would way with big confidence – Microsoft learned from beta errors and now it works almost like it should work for RTM.



Installation takes less and less from build to build (this is 7th I’m checking). With 7260 it took about 15 minutes. All hardware devices (including Intel AMT, PM45 and LM5) were found and installed correctly. Shortly after the installation it installed a bunch of security and device driver updates. Looks like Microsoft has no issues with Intel anymore (or they just decided to build drivers by itself).

Hybrid graphic cards still not supported. Also it not seemed that it will be supported toward RTW. However Windows 7 correctly decided to use discrete card, rather then on-board once BIOS settings were set to prioritize it.


It still sucks, but you will accustom to it. From the beginning it looks like it takes all valuable space on your desktop, but shortly after you’ll see that it somehow comfortable to use it (it is really depends how you working. Lately I changed a bit a way I’m doing things [this why you cannot see me in Live Messenger anymore], thus it become rather good for me). Here how it looks for me now

My taskbar - in battery save mode of couse

Yes, it is Chome on this bar and this why:

‘Coz Internet Explorer become worse and worse

The only good thing I found about IE8 shipped with W7 is it has support for Windows 7 taskbar. However even this fact cannot defense against its suckness. It slow, buggy, has not enough functionality and absolutely annoying. I love Firefox, but it has too much functionality for me those days. Once I used to open it, I loss at least a half of hour for twittering, reading rss, etc. With Google Chrome is it not an issue, because this is nimble program with only one functionality – browse internet pages.

My last BSoD

Since the last time, I had no BSoDs. Also WDM not eating 999.9 CPU hours anymore (like it did in idle Vista). Also I had no compatibility issues. Everything worked as expected on my machine. The only issue I had is IE, that decided not to die and stuck as running windowless process. You know how it is when any icon on taskbar stops to do anything, just becoming red when you click on it.


Do it. Upgrade your OS as soon as possible and have a fun.


We’re hiring! (Israel residents only)

Lead Software Development Engineer in Test

We are looking for strong Software Development Engineer in Test who is passionate about UI and internal API usage to test rich client applications. Responsibilities would include developing test strategies, writing unit tests, UI automation, custom msbuild scripts, performing problem isolation and analysis, communicating with developers in support of debugging and investigation.

My group takes both individuals and teams success seriously, and looking for the right person to join our team, which is development, rather than test team. What my group is doing?

The AutOS group is responsible for delivering of the system you’ll have inside your next electric vehicle, one of the most important applications we have at Better Place for providing a consistent, transparent and fluent experience for a driver every day. Currently the application is used for energy management, navigation, infotainment, road safety and many other aspects of enhancing your future driving. Come explore the exciting opportunities on AutOS team developing cutting edge tools, facing all customers for all Better Place EVs. Become a member of the outstanding team that strives for engineering excellence in improving the life of all of us. AutOS team is using latest technologies and innovations to make sure delivery of the best possible experience for a driver.


Solid programming ability in managed programming using the .NET Framework (C#) with some experience in WPF or Silverlight.
Solid technical knowledge in Information Technology field, including hardware capabilities and performance evaluation and tests.
Strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills.
Knowledge of Team Foundation Server and MSBUILD scripting.
2+ years experience in software testing, including designing and developing automation infrastructure.
Strong test aptitude.
Good communication skills and ability to work closely in a development team environment.
BA/BS or MS degree in Computer Science or equivalent field experience is required.

You think, that you want such job? Send me your CV, couple of word about yourself and why you want and able to work with me at Better Place to with “Lead SDET application” in subject. (if you do get get an answer from me within a week, your mail is in spam, so you should resent it by using contact form here)

Have a nice day and be good people.

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9 Responses to “Windows 7 – dry run or how things should be done to correct old mistakes”

  1. djcata Says:

    IE8 is fast enough ,it is not slower than other browsers ; i do not understand why everybody thinks that firefox is better
    i whant to know why

  2. Tamir Says:

    I did not told that IE is slower then firefox. It faster then FF. But slower then Chrome. My problem with IE is not a speed, but all those flying things and non-convenience buttons when all I want is to read email. I do not want to think whether i am in compatability mode or whether i can use web slices. all i want is to browse web. if not, i want full feature extensible browser like FF. So it seemed that IE development team is not really realize what browser should be

  3. Pradeep Says:

    I Hate Google cause it’s a Beta Compnay,..
    Gmail: More than 8 Years,.. But still Beta,.
    Google Talk: More than 7 Years But still Beta
    Chrome: More than a Year,, but still Beta,..
    Google: Nothing More than a Beta Company

  4. Tamir Says:

    @Pradeep It’s all about commitments. Google does not want to have any commitments toward users, thus it always in beta. This is bad thing, i agree. However you do no need to have something to hate: Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc..

  5. Idanny7 Says:

    IE8 is faster than firefox. only issue i got with it is when you are trying to save a web page following the “save as ” dialog. once the page is being saved, all the other open tabs can’t be fully used, they remain static

  6. Christian Wirth Says:

    Looking forward to Win 7!!!

  7. Rashad Roider Says:

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  8. apple ipad Says:

    great article, I enjoy reading it. I hope 1 day I may acquire the same. have a nice day.

  9. Sherlyn Says:

    You Sir/Madam are the enemy of confusion evewhryere!

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