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Weird bug in Windows Vista

Well, there are some (ghm) bugs in Windows Vista. Most of those bugs are not harmful for your system, however there are some, that ready are. Here the little bug, I experienced today. Follow those steps to repro (don’t do it on files you need)

  • Select multiple files
  • Right click on those files and choose rename and change the name of one of those files
  • Hit enter
  • Expected result: all selected files renamed (name (0),name (1), name (2) etc)
  • Actual result: all selected files renamed (name (0),name (1), name (2) etc)
  • Hit Ctrl-Z (Undo)
    • Expected result: all renamed files undo to it’s original names
    • Actual result: all renamed files undo to it’s original names
  • Hit Ctrl-Y (Redo)
    • Expected result: all undid files redo to it’s new names
    • Actual result: all files, except the first one, disappeared.

    They are really disappear, they did not removed or deleted. They just disappear.

    Workaround: Don’t redo multiple rename action.

    Have a nice day

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    6 Responses to “Weird bug in Windows Vista”

    1. spacedunce-5 Says:

      My screen gets split in two after installing Intel video graphics card – which Vista upgraded automatically!

    2. CM Says:

      i restarted and they didnt show up… damn vista.. and dont reply with a message saying im just bashing vista.. this is a simple and obvios bug which just lost me about 100 euros worth of data!

    3. Kunal Kamble Says:

      I m using 19 inches LCD wide screen with resolution of 1440 X 900 pixel

      when i want to see the movie with full preview of monitor it doesnt take whole screen for video screen.

      when i change resolution to 800 X 600 pixel it shows the full screen preview for any video.

      This trick works in windows xp

      but in windows vista at any resolution it doenst show the full screen preview.

    4. axionmak Says:

      weird! i tried to replicate on Vista Ultimate x64 but it "redo" all ok

    5. Doron Ben-David Says:

      They will show up back upon reboot :)…

      I had this a few month ago.. checking the recycle bin showed nothing, and I was sure I lost the files..

      I even think I could not find them using a command prompt..

      but after restart – tah dah!

    6. Lorenzo Whalley Says:

      Fantastic site. Plenty of helpful information here. I am sending it to several friends ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thank you to your effort!

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