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Vista Battery Saver

It’s not a secret, that cool WDM (Aero user interface), announced in Windows Vista eat laptops’ battery as hungry animal eats it’s victim. But what, actually, “eat” your battery – mostly three things: Aero, Sidebar and your wide laptop screen. We have nothing to do with screen, but we can disable either Aero UI and Sidebar, while working on battery. Let me introduce Vista Battery Saver


This tinny program will save up to 70% of your battery by disabling those nice, but greedy Vista features. Running in task bar with private workset of 5.5M and 0% CPU it will do all work for you, by enabling and disabling customizable features when power source changed or battery power fall under certain percent.

Actually, I was inspired by similar program of Clint Rutkas and Code4Fun post (as usual, I love those guys) :) . But Clint’s soft was rather buggy and completely incompatible with Windows Vista Guidelines. This one is completely “Developed for Vista” – ACT 5.0 passed stuff (at least, I think so).

This is not final version, so use it for your own risk and, please, make me know about bugs or “behaviors”, that make you sad :)

UPD 17-May: Home Premium installation support has been solved. All those, who had troubles to get in work in Microsoft Vista Home Premium edition, please download the new version. No other fixes in this beta release. Please make me know about other bugs

Download (beta 1) for free (MSI 901KB). You need Windows Vista Home Premium and notebook to run this program.

UPD 22-Jul: Vista Battery Saver is Open Source now.

UPD 24-Jul: New Vista Battery Saver (beta 2) has been released. More information>>

UPD 27-Jul: Vista Battery Saver (beta 2) MUI version with French user interface. More information>>

UPD 20-Aug: Vista Battery Saver (beta 2 r1)  English, German, Italian and French UI + minor fixes. More information>>

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  2. rüya tabiri Says:

    Thank You..

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  7. trouble Says:

    This does not work/ qill not finish install in window vista ultimate on my machine. I have done several things and no matter what, it will not complete the install. It gets about 90% done, then jsut sits there and never completes. The icon is in the taskbar and the program starts, but the only way to get rid of the install is to end task it, this then ruins the install and I cannot use the program.

  8. fornetti Says:

    I do not believe this

  9. UNnIJhadf Says:


  10. jiimiona Says:

    great, usefull 0_0

  11. mysteryman Says:

    Could you put Vista Basic compatibility into the next version? For people who have used VistaGlazz on Vista Basic.

  12. Nio Says:

    zReYHa I am need to price

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  15. battery-stores Says:

    I like your style so much, I am your honest reader.

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    I can inform that you’re putting quite a lot of time and effort into your blog and detailed articles! I take pleasure in deeply gets interested each single piece of info you publish here (you may discover not quite a couple of quality blogs left .

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    wow,some pretty nice stuff for sure,cheers for that ! you know any other ressources for setting up a home based energy

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