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Right-To-Left support for Silverlight

Since, in Silverlight (at least not in current version) there is no support for bidirectional text, I was asked to find a way to get over it. My first try was to try to apply TextDirection and Language properties of Run element (well known and used in WPF) in Silverlight. Unfortunately, there are no such properties (even internal) for this, so I start looking for another methods. As well as we have no such property in XAML element, we have no FormattedText object to pass Direction property there. So this “smart” method is also unacceptable. Translations and transformations are not very helpfully as well, so let’s look into 90th. Time, when no one knows about BIDI support at all. The well-known method then was character array swapping. You can believe or not, but the same old stuff working well in Silverlight (both in 1.0 and 1.1 versions). How to do it? Really simple.


Silverlight 1.1
        char[] text = myText.Text.ToCharArray();
        myText.Text = new string(text);



Silverlight 1.0
        myText.Text = myText.Text.split('').reverse.join('');


We done, folks. Have a nice hebrew day.


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12 Responses to “Right-To-Left support for Silverlight”

  1. Just code - Tamir Khason Says:

    About three months ago, I blogged about work-around solution to display right-to-left text in Silverlight

  2. Itai Bar-Haim Says:

    Hi Tamir.

    A solution to this issue by Justin-Josef Angel is to use my NBidi (, which is a complete BiDi implementation in .net, compilable to JS the same way silverlight code does.

    Perhaps you’d like to contact him (or me) regarding that.


  3. GaiD Says:

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  4. It's All About Causality Says:

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  5. Dutt Says:

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    This could be useful for silverlight application developers.

  6. http:\\ Says:

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  7. shvilam Says:

    in this blog

    he said that until the first Reless there will be a full support

    for BIDI


    shvilam, תהיה לנו תמיכה ב Right to Left בקרוב, אנחנו לא מתכוונים לחזור על הטעויות שעשו אחרים בתחום הזה. במיקרוסופט ישראל מאוד רגישים לעניין העברית.


    the url

    הי עידו מה קורה אתה לא חושב שצריך לנהל את הדיונים האלה


    אני גם מאמין שעם נפתח פורום כזה בפלאשו

    יצרפו אל הפורום הרבי אנשים חדשים שלא התעסקו בפלאש בעבר

    ולכן אני חושב שהיה

    "מספיק חומר בקהילה שלנו בשביל להזיז את הפורום הנוסף  "

  8. Tamir Khason Says:

    shvilam, you are right, this is not complete solution, but it very good start for developers.

    WPF fully supports BIDI (as well as utf16)

    Ido, it’s ok for punctuation and EOLs, Silverlight is still in "AlphaBeta" stage, the final version will support BIDI as well as WPF is.

  9. Ido Rosenthal Says:

    This method is a simple direction swap, it gives an answer to LTR text, but still no BIDI..

    I guass multiline is out of the question (maybe with a more complex method), and what about punctuation marks at the end of lines?

    The flash community is dealing with BIDI-unsupport for a long time now (hopefully until next ver), and generated tons of tricks and methods to deal with it, there is about 80% solution for BIDI in flash. I don’t know what will be microsoft approach to BIDI, but until then ActionScript solutions can be easily ported to silverlight.

    I really hope microsoft won’t leave this undone..

    I see silverlight (WPF/E) as a real competition for the flash platform, And hopefully will get the market moving faster : )

  10. shvilam Says:

    this is nice but far from been a full sulltion BIDI algorithm

    is far more complex as you all probobly know

    (למשל משפט כזה עברית and ENGLISH )

    i have anther question what about input text how it works with input text  ??

    As i unserstod i WPF there is no problem???? with BIDI

  11. daniel Says:

    It sounds like the same horrific experience the flash community is having BIDI algorithm.

    the good part is that are a lot of BIDI functions out there written in ActionScript (which is ECMA script compliant) and with some little tweaks convert it to JavaScript.

  12. Michael's Blog Says:

    During the weekend I found several new examples about Silverlight . Because I’m running several Web sites

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