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Presenting at TechEd Developers South Africa 2008, Durban

Save the date. TechEd Developers South Africa is around the corner (August 3rd through 6th). This year it will take place in Durban, the third most populous city in South Africa.


This TechEd, there are four sessions assigned to me:

Creating Rich Applications with Windows Presentation Foundation (300)

Completely new session about how to enrich user experience, by decreasing development efforts with WPF. In order to do this, we’ll try to take some application and completely recreate it, by using XAML only without any single code line.

Target audience: Developers and decide makers, who what to understand what can be done with WPF and how easy you can do it.

Understanding Reflection (400)

This is also new session for lazy developers. It’s not only about what reflection is or what’s new about reflection in latest frameworks (including .NET 3.5 and Silverlight), but also how to use it to make developer’s life easier. We’ll enter a bit into IL to understand what’s going on under the hoods, but most of session is about appliance of this technology for everyday developers’ tasks and challenges.

Target audience: Developers, have an experience with .NET programming

WPF Performance (400)

Session very similar to one, I had in Dev Academy 2. However this time it will focus on performance enhancements in .NET framework 3.5 SP1. I’ll speak about virtualization, parallel processing, DX surface direct access and more…

Target audience: Developers, have an experience with WPF development.

Game Development Using Microsoft’s Latest Technologies (300)

Fun session, I had in TechEd Israel with very complicated setup. Here the sneak preview of how it looks like. It listed as a 300 level, because the fact, that except this session’s fun, you can learn a lot of new there.

Target audience: Everyone, who love technology and want to have fun hour in the morning before advanced sessions will begin.

If you’re reading my blog, and you’re going TechEd Africa. Come and say me hello, ‘cos it would be really nice to see the faces of the people I’m writing to in this blog :)

More information about other sessions in this TechEd can be found in Ahmed Salijee blog, who is developer evangelist in Microsoft Africa and arranges this event.

See you there.

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8 Responses to “Presenting at TechEd Developers South Africa 2008, Durban”

  1. Just Code - Tamir Khason Says:

    If you want to attend my preparations before TechEd , you’re invited to attend 27-Jul in Microsoft Ra

  2. Just Code - Tamir Khason Says:

    For last days I’m very busy with Bidi support for Silverlight development . Working a lot of hours in

  3. Rudi Grobler Says:

    The agenda is updated, here are the 2 sessions I will be presenting: WPF Data Binding 04 Aug 2008, 12

  4. Rudi Grobler Says:

    Every .NET developer worth their salt has probably played round with Lutz Roeder's Reflector… This

  5. Tamir Khason Says:

    See you, Rudi. BTW, how was your feeling when passed exam 70-502?

  6. Rudi Grobler Says:

    Great news… I wondered who would be presenting the WPF tracks this year…

    Looking forward to the sessions!!!

    Rudi Grobler

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  8. Yael Benckendorf Says:

    As with most aspects of lifestyles in Durban, there’s no explicit style that defines the meals we eat. Fusion is the dominant force, eclecticism the order of the day. The political freedom that arrived in the ’90s has had a spillover culinary impact and South African cuisine has blossomed within the closing lengthy time, as minds have opened and the global grocery store has arrived on our shelves

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