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Microsoft Popfly has been announced

Today, Microsoft announced new cool tool named Popfly. What is it? Let’s take The Information, make it easily accessed, and able users to build Their Own Information with Silverlight. What we got? New exciting tool of Wow.

Express Yourself

What we can do with Popfly? With Popfly everyone can build and share mash-ups, gadgets, web pages – other words Web Blocks. How to build them? Use online tutorials, professional and non-professional community. Who the target audience? Everyone, really. Everyone can build things with this simple, yet smart engine. Developers can use Addin for VS, if they do not feel good with this simple online engine :) How to make the world know? Look here

Another Wow? Probably…

Want to know more? Take a look here. After it, read dev team blog. And then, if you already do not read it, subscribe to somasegar, scottgu and johnmont – they know a lot about it :)

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