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Ink recognition in WPF

Tablets world is coming, but we, who even have no laptop (due my manager’s greed), working with workstation. Our clients want top edge technology approaches, such as geometrical forms and inks recognition within WPF code in regular desktop computer. So, let’s see how we can do it. Today we’ll create hand drawing form with basic geometry and handwrited text analysis

First of all, we’ll need to bare all ink-related assemblies. Let’s put on Microsoft.Ink and Minrosoft.Ink.Analysis. It comes with IACore and IAWinFX in “foundation world”. So we’ll go to C:\Program Files\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Tablet PC\v1.7\ and take everything from there into our application.

Next thing is to create the place where we’ll draw our input. InkCanvas looking promise for me

<InkCanvas Width=Auto Height=Auto Name=myInkCanvas  />

Next we’ll create InkAnalyzer to analyze our inking. We’ll work asyncronous to get nice performance

InkAnalyzer m_analyzer;

        void onLoaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            m_analyzer = new InkAnalyzer();
            m_analyzer.AnalysisModes = AnalysisModes.AutomaticReconciliationEnabled;
            m_analyzer.ResultsUpdated += new ResultsUpdatedEventHandler(m_analyzer_ResultsUpdated);

Fine. Now we should provide to our InkAnalyzer information about what it’ll going to work for. So, start collection and erasing strokes will make my live easier. We’ll have to tell background engine of ink analysis when we want to do anything. Sure, we’ll do it after new stroke arrived.

void onStrokeErasing(object sender, InkCanvasStrokeErasingEventArgs e)
        void onStrokeCollected(object sender, InkCanvasStrokeCollectedEventArgs e)


Goody. Now let’s see what we have. We can draw geometry and we can write text. Let’s start with the text. We’ll create little helper to draw our stings on the surface

class GistaFigure:FrameworkElement
        FormattedText ft;
        Point cent;
        private GistaFigure() { }
        public GistaFigure(string name, Point center, double size, Brush color)
            init(name, center, color, size);
        public GistaFigure(string name, Point center, Brush color)
            init(name,center,color, 12);
        void init(string name, Point center, Brush color, double size)
            ft = new FormattedText(
                name, System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CurrentCulture,
               new Typeface(new FontFamily(), FontStyles.Normal, FontWeights.Normal, FontStretches.Normal), size, color);
            cent = center;
        protected override void OnRender(DrawingContext drawingContext)
            cent.X -= ft.Width / 2;
            cent.Y -= ft.Height / 2;

Now we can analyze it. I want to color my result other colors, related to confidence of the detection

void m_analyzer_ResultsUpdated(object sender, ResultsUpdatedEventArgs e)
            if (e.Status.Successful)
                ContextNodeCollection nodes = ((InkAnalyzer)sender).FindLeafNodes();
                foreach (ContextNode node in nodes)
                    if (node is InkWordNode)
                        InkWordNode t = node as InkWordNode;
                        Rect l = t.Location.GetBounds();
                        Point a = new Point(l.Left + l.Width / 2, l.Top + l.Height / 2);
                        double de = l.Height;
                        Brush be = Brushes.Blue;
                        switch (t.InkRecognitionConfidence)
                            case InkRecognitionConfidence.Intermediate:
                                be = Brushes.Green;
                            case InkRecognitionConfidence.Poor:
                                be = Brushes.Red;
                            case InkRecognitionConfidence.Unknown:
                                be = Brushes.Brown;
                        GistaFigure figure = new GistaFigure(t.GetRecognizedString(), a,de , be);

Guta! We have “HELLO” recognized, but I want to recognize geometry. Else, my client will throw me out ‘cos the way I’m writing text really horrible with the mouse (I have no tablet, you remember?). Let’s recognize geometry. Those are other nodes, named InkDrawingNodes. Do it

else if (node is InkDrawingNode)
                        InkDrawingNode d = node as InkDrawingNode;
                        GistaFigure figure = new GistaFigure(d.GetShapeName(), d.Centroid, Brushes.Red);
                        Shape shape = d.GetShape();
                        if (shape != null)
                            shape.Stroke = Brushes.Blue;
                            shape.StrokeThickness = 2;

Donno. I have nothing more to add here. So let’s draw (for those, who know to do it with only mouse)

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  1. Ran Says:

    If even without tablet he can do such things, you can just imagine what he can do with. Great work!
    Do you interested with job proposal?

  2. dudub Says:

    so, you are messing with InkCanvas now , and without a tablet,
    good for you.

    one question: Did you try Hebrew ?

  3. security enabled wireless network Says:

    This is an awesome article, I’ll be adding this site to my list!

  4. Dream Says:

    its not working please suggest me. its not detecting pattern.

  5. Aland Li Says:

    The code works find on vista 32bit, but does not work on windows 64bit. Does any one know why?

  6. Jan Arms Says:

    Very nice post and straight to the point. I don’t know if this is actually the best place to ask but do you folks have any ideea where to get some professional writers? Thanks :)

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