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Find similar images on your computer with Duplicate Images Finder (alpha)

I wrote a lot of image (and not only image) processing algorithms. Most of them were for military proposes. Almost all of them are not secret, so why not to use war technologies for peace manners? Sitting one of those long evenings, I wrote a simple application, that seeks for similar (not by name of cause) images in your hard disk and make you able to delete them. I will not explain the search algorithm here, but post the application for free download. Try it, use it and tell me what you think about.


Following examples of images found by this application.




The algorithm used is not optimized for such operations, thus it takes about one minute to find first duplicate in directory of 200 images 2048X1536. Final result comes after about three minutes.

Maybe in the future, I’ll optimize those algorithms for everyday use. It depends only on you, my readers, wish to tell me about how the application is.

To use: Run application, browser for start directory or drop directory from windows explorer and hit Search. After results will arrive, select original image from the left and duplicate from the bottom. If you wish to delete one or both of them, hit red cross under each one of those images. Happy use. Don’t forget to tell me how it was.

Download Duplicate Image Finder (alpha)>> (200k, no installation required)

UPD 25-May : Start location changed to My computer root due to multiple requests. You can download new version from CodePlex (change set 13728)

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21 Responses to “Find similar images on your computer with Duplicate Images Finder (alpha)”

  1. dvd coping Says:

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  2. dvd ripper confronto Says:

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  3. yak peter Says:

    no comments

  4. flo Says:

    hey, start on .net 2.0,  but then if I select a root folder (drive G:) in this instance with at least 2 big images folders (with further subfolders) it always tells me there are no duplicates, although I had "include sub-folders" checked. Also if finishes far too quickly to scan al the images. So can I check what it’s doing in the background, increase the levels of subfolders it check or something like that?

  5. toby Says:

    For those who aren’t aware, the source code for this is available on CodePlex:…/license

    Gordon & others asking about the algorithm or using as DLL, I suggest you go there & download!

  6. frey bermard Says:

    very efficient

  7. Gordon Henderson Says:

    Are you thinking about making this available as a DLL to be integrated into other applications?

  8.   DupliFinder: Compare & Delete Duplicate Images by Visual Similarity on Windows by Tech[dot]Blog Says:

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  9. Lee Says:

    great program, even if it is a little slow, it has given accurate results. i wonder if you could add the abilty to specify the similarity % threshold so i can filter the results?


  10. Tamir Khason Says:

    Daemonia, you should install .NET framework 2.0 first.

  11. Daemonia Says:

    I would really like to try it, but infortunatly, I cannot install it. Is it only for Vista? I got the message "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application."

  12. Tamir Says:

    Trey, thank you for comment. this issue already solved in latest version. You can download it from CodePlex->Release tab. It looks into root of My Computer today, so if you external device is connected, you can seek for similar images there too.

  13. trey Says:

    great program, but like many, i store most of my media on NAS or external drive. 2TB and growing. I had high hopes that this was going to be solution.

    I am not a coder, so pardon the ignorance, but is it really that difficult to add the ability to scan more than ‘my picture’ or ‘pictures’  ? i see in screen shots you point to D:\ , so it apparently is set to look at system folders ?

  14. re: Find similar images on your computer with Duplicate Images … Says:

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  15. Theo Pavlidis Says:

    I looked at your code and I do not think the program would consider as similar two image of the same scene with different exposure. Am I correct?

    (Examples of such pairs are FigureA.jpg and FigureB.jpg in

  16. Tamir Says:

    Theo, yes it does not take into account exposure. Only visual similarity. However, I’m very sure, that those images might be detected with about 30% of similarity.

  17. SEVER Says:

    Dear Tamir
    I could not use your brouser to find a picture by picture

    any way
    what do you think about the posibility of it?
    Zvi Sever

  18. AL Says:

    I use Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder and it is really good:

  19. chim jem Says:

    can you please give me an introduction of your research or application about this image finder

  20. Win Quibids Penny Auctions Says:

    It wonderes me to see how numerous comments this site is getting. I guess it have lots of enteries. how do you gain that sort of traffic?

  21. dhanraj Says:

    what algorithm have you use for it?

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