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Consultants for charity

As you, probably, know, I left consulting field. However, it does not mean, that I quit helping developers community with client application development. Also, every day I’m getting between 50 and 300 emails with questions (I’m trying to answer all of those) and sometimes proposals for consulting. Currently I’m refusing all those, because I do not want to engage to it. However, there are too much people, who really need professional developers help and there are very few good development consultants in our area. Thus I decided to keep consulting, but this time only for charity.

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How does it work?

  1. You want me to help you with your development.
  2. I have free time for it.
  3. We decide together about the fee.
  4. You get consulting and you are happy with it.
  5. I tell you what charity organization to transfer all amount, you should pay (except TBL, if there are).
  6. You transfer it.
  7. We made the world a bit better!

To clarify things:

  1. It’s not charity foundation – you will transfer the money directly to organization, that need it
  2. I’m not doing it for free – I feel, that finally I’m able to do something really big for those, who need it

So, if you are one of those, who want me to consult, contact me via this form or Twitter.

If you’re good consultant and want to join me, contact me via this form or Twitter and we’ll make the world better together.

I still had no chance to speak with my ex-engagement manager, however I believe, that he will not have a problem with this kind of payment to me. If so (and you have open PO in Microsoft Israel with him), you’ll be able to use it.

Spear the world with this news! Post in your blogs, twitters, facebook, any other community stuff or just join me :)

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11 Responses to “Consultants for charity”

  1. Into Tech - are you into technology? Says:

    Sweet, just gotta share this.

  2. David Elul (Dudu) Says:

    Bravo!! Let me know if I can help.

  3. PierreMF Says:

    Just to say thank you ! Great !

  4. Maor David-Pur Says:

    Wow! amazing. Good luck man!

  5. kolbis Says:

    Wow! Good luck!

  6. Avi Pinto Says:

    what a great initiative :-)

  7. Tahir Says:

    nice work… but shame on your country…

  8. Gregory Despain Says:

    Not too sure how I found this blog but glad I did. Think I was looking for something else on yahoo. Not sure I agree 100% with what you say, but have bookmaked and will pop back to read to see if you add any more posts. Keep up the good work.

  9. Logan Talbot Says:

    I cannot see your site properly on my iPhone (I have the 3G, not 3GS). Anyway, I have put your RSS into my laptop, so thanks!

  10. I’m back again–not entirely, but somehow I am | Tamir Khason - Just code Says:

    […] that you’ll hear about it very soon). This also means, that those days I have some time for consulting and community. So, welcome me back and hopefully, and make me happy to see your cheerful […]

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