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Choosing new notebook

Hi, Community Brain. It’s time for me to change my old good Dell Latitude D820. I need performant machine and following the results of my findings. It’s really important for me to know your opinion about those choices. Also, if you have additional choices, I’d be happy to hear about it.

  Dell Precision M6300 HP 8710W Lenovo T61p
  image image image
Processor Intel® Core 2 Duo T9500 (2.6GHz, 6Mb, L2 cache, 800MHz FSB) Intel® Core 2 Duo T9500 (2.6GHz, 6Mb, L2 cache, 800MHz FSB) Intel® Core 2 Duo T9500 (2.6GHz, 6Mb, L2 cache, 800MHz FSB)
Memory 4GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM (2×2048) 4GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM (2×2048) 4GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM (2×2048)
Video Card NVidia® Quadro® FX 3600M (512MB dedicated) NVidia® Quadro® FX 3600M (512MB dedicated) NVidia® Quadro® FX 570M (256MB dedicated)
Hard Drive 200GB SATA (7,200RPM) + fall sensor 200GB SATA (7,200RPM) 200GB SATA (7,200RPM) + disk encryption
Optical device 8X DVD +/- RW 8X DVD +/- RW Blue-ray 8X DVD +/- RW
Modem 56.6k v.92 56.6k v.92
Wireless Networking Intel PROWireless 4965 802.11 a/g/Draft-n Intel® Wireless LAN 802.11a/b/g/n Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN
Bluetooth Dell Wireless 360 Intel Bluetooth‏ Integrated Bluetooth PAN
Primary battery 9 Cell Li-Ion (80 Whr) 9 Cell Li-Ion w/XPP 3 yr warranty 9 cell Li-Ion Battery
LCD 17” WUXGA (1920×1200) UltraSharp + anti-glare 17” WUXGA+WVA (1920×1200) anti-glare 15.4” WSXGA+  (1920×1200)
Weight 8.5 lbs/3.8 kg 7.4 lbs/3.4 kg 7.3 lbs / 3.3 kg
Dimensions 1.6”(H) x 15.5”(W) x 11.3”(D) 1.3”(H) x 15.4”(W) x 10.8”(D) 1.4”(H) x 14.1”(W) x 10.4”(D)
Cons I saw Precision series in work – performance is not good enough for such configuration (for comparison, my old Latitude with the same hardware configuration worked much better) Everyone I asked, tell me, that HP machines are not reliable enough Keyboard layout is absolutely awful. It impossible to work with Fn and Ctrl swapped.
Graphic card is not strong enough
It’s 15.4”
Pros It is very reliable Very good performance
Much lighter
Good battery life
Absolutely reliable
Great performance
Outstanding battery life


What to do? What to choose? Please advice!

Thank you

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17 Responses to “Choosing new notebook”

  1. Igor Berkovich Says:

    "One think you may want to look at is the warranty : Dell provides cheap next business day on site service for 3 years. Service is very good (at least in France 😉 ). With some other constructors, you may have to send your PC back in case of problem, and wait for it to come back. You never want to do that…"

    "Unfourchantely, Dell does not provides such service is Israel. It does not providers any service in Israel  (see my previous posts, tagged Dell)"

    Tamir, unfortunately I am afraid that you are wrong.

    If you buy at BUG (computer’s shop at Israel) they provide on-site service, it means, Dell Israel’s man will come to your place in order to fix your notebook (you don’t need to send it or give it to store). As they told me, they tried to get Dell’s reseller license few years in order to provide this service to us. He also states that because the fact that BUG is their official distributor at Israel they’ll get a lower price then any other serious computer’s store at Israel (no name stores is not included at competition :).

    Tamir, I am looking for laptop too. I need a good battery life, good keyboard monitor. I am going to use it at least twice a week at train/bus for Office and Visual Studio / GCC. I am not interested in gaming machine – I just don’t have a time to play :) Your choices isn’t cheap, why don’t you take some older CPU? Does it really effects performance that you can feel as a human been at Visual Studio / Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Visio) products?

  2. Jon Says:

    I have a Dell 630 for work and I have owned two HP laptops, but my next laptop will be a Macbook Pro.  It is presently the fastest windows laptop, and if you install VMware fusion, you can install OSX, several windows versions and Linux.

  3. Guest Says:

    Lenovo’s keyboard layout is obviously a major pain, but you can swap Fn and Ctrl keys by configuration. OTOH, one tend to get quickly adict to the use of the trackpoint’s third button for horizontal scroll (not that it’s not possible with the other, but this was especially designed on this one).

    I have HP NC8430 and have no reliability issues to observe. But it depends what you mean with "realiable". Only thing I can mentiond is the border of the screen lid is slightly broken after it accidentally hit a door (it’s not a Lenovo…). It’s light (for its category) and I find the keyboard very confortable to use. It’s getting hot when intensively used, but it’s probably not specific to HP.

    When you intend to plug 4 GB RAM, verify the net amount the machine will let you use (it may be lower than 4 GB).


  4. Dan Amiga Says:

    The M1530 can come with a High Resolution,Glossy widescreen 15.4 inch LCD(1920×1200).

    Indeed it comes with a 8600 Card which is pretty good (unless you are YOU –  doing graphics all day or playing games 😉 … ).

    I just love DELL and the M1530 is a great laptop considering the weight and price of the XPS M1730.

    AFAIK The T61 has a 1 gig fast boot memory card which VISTA utilizes and you get great performance for that.

  5. Tamir Khason Says:

    Thanks, Dan

    Resolution is only 1440×900, which is very low for me

    Also display adapter is NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600M GT, which is low end card.

    It is very good computer for those who need light stylish machine. But it is not mobile workstation

  6. Dan Amiga Says:

    What about the new DELL XPS M1530? doesn’t need a nuclear power station but yet has most of the stuff you need and mentioned above plus a HiDef screen.

  7. Tamir Khason Says:

    T Man, do you know dates?

    Kim, XPS is absolutely awesome machine, however it cannot be used without nuclear power station nearby. This why I’m not considering it as possible choice. So, still want notebook, not desktop :)

  8. Kim Says:

    I also have an XPS 1730. 4GB RAM, 2x200GB HDD configured with Raid 0. It’s the best notebook (If you can call it a notebook) I’ve had. Before this one I had the Dell Precision M90 2.33 GHz.

    If you don’t mind the weight (the AC adapter is another 1+ kg.) and the battery life I would go for the XPS 1730.

  9. T Man Says:

    Lenovo.  A newer T series is coming out that should improve performance even further.  Actually Lenovo is going towards what is called the W series, which means workstation.  I’d wait if you can, because these will provide a performance boost.

  10. Tamir Khason Says:

    Thank you, Pierre

    Unfourchantely, Dell does not provides such service is Israel. It does not providers any service in Israel  (see my previous posts, tagged Dell)

    I agree with you, that Dell is reliable machine. My Latitude works very hard every day, however, it looks like Precision product line has very poor performance…

  11. PierreMF Says:

    I have a 1.5 year old 17" Dell Precision (Core 2 Duo T7200 2.00GHz, 2Gb RAM, 120 Gb HDD 7200 rpm).

    As you say, performance is fair (not stellar), but it is very reliable : I take it with me everyday. Battery life is poor, even the 9 cell battery.

    I like the 17" WUXGA (1920×1200) UltraSharp screen very much. I could not use a 15" screen for everyday use.

    One think you may want to look at is the warranty : Dell provides cheap next business day on site service for 3 years. Service is very good (at least in France 😉 ). With some other constructors, you may have to send your PC back in case of problem, and wait for it to come back. You never want to do that…

  12. Tamir Khason Says:

    Pavel, it’s also battery life for XPS

  13. pavely Says:

    I have a DELL XPS 1730, 2.6GHz Core 2 duo, 400GB HD 7200 RPM, 4GB RAM, nVidia 8700 GT 256MB, Ageya PhysX chip,

    A real monster.

    The only downside – it’s a bit heavy (4.8 kg) – but it’s a laptop and gym all in one.

  14. Tamir Khason Says:

    לכן, אני מתלבט קשות

  15. Moran Levy Says:

    שים לב גם לאיכות המסך

    לדל יש 3 דרגות איכות שונות ללנובו 2 דרגות שונות

    מניסיון ,יש לי


    הוא בעל מסך איכותי ולאחר הותאת השטיויות של לנובו הוא  בעל ביצועים מדהימים

    אבל לא מזמן חבר הפנה אותי לאותו דגם של דל שאתה הראת ,והוא נראה מבחינת עלות תועלת מדהים

  16. annyhaiyan Says:

    I bought hp nc8430 battery , really great, if everyone has the time, then on the next to see Oh, can not miss this good chance!

  17. dell latitude d630 wifi card Says:

    I’ll instantly take hold of ones rss feed after i can’t to uncover your own e-mail membership hyperlink as well as e-newsletter assistance. Have any? You should allow for everyone know so I possibly could join. Appreciate it.

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